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Walford Timber

Case Study


Walford Timber is a third generation, family run timber yard located on the banks of the river Wye. The last ten years has seen its business direction change from a trade and wholesale focus through developing an increasingly important retail channel. Walford Timber has also purchased two other businesses, one in Cheltenham and the other in Chesham.

To reflect the multi-location nature of the Walford Timber Group, webdna developed a multi-site content management system on Craft CMS 3.0 with Craft Commerce 2.0. The outcome is three sites managed through one CMS with retail and trade capabilities.


Webdna has implemented the latest versions of Craft CMS and Craft Commerce to deliver Walford Timber group a website that is elegant, easy to maintain and a good foundation from which to grow the business.

The CMS the ability to control all there websites from one CMS using Craft 3.0’s multi site manager. This pulls through product details from a central CMS and delivers them to the right website with the right product variants showing at each location. Product information can also be updated through the custom mass product updater that has been created to link with Walford Timbers’ ERP.

Due to the large and heavy nature of many of Walford Timbers’ products a bespoke delivery logic that been created to provide costs for delivery within a 60 mile radius of the three business locations.

For trades people there is a login protected area where they can view their own trade prices and toggle the visibility of the pricing in case they wish to show the website to their clients before they have applied a markup.

There is also a trade quoting functionality built in which allows trades people to provide quotes for timber products to their customers directly from their phones.

Key to the success of the Walford Timber website is the predictive site search that quickly lands visitors on the right product.


The three Walford Timber group websites were built using Craft CMS 3.0 with Craft Commerce 2.0, with the following interesting technologies:

  • Responsive image technology (Speeding up loading by only serving the correct image for that device/size screen)
  • Asynchronous Javascript loading (Improving page speed by asynchronously loading javascript that is required cutting down on render blocking)
  • Vue.js (Progressive framework for building user interfaces)
  • Google Maps integration (Used for mapping and locations)
  • Image optimisation (Increases speed by automatically stripping unnecessary data from image)
  • PostCSS (Optimised CSS creation and delivery)
  • SVG (Image format for scalable images that work on any screen resolution and density)
  • Custom web fonts (Custom loaded webfonts ensuring users only have to download them once to improve speed, performance and visual aesthetics)
  • Command-line build tools (For increasing performance and delivery command line build tools are used to improve images, CSS and JS for use on the site)
  • Secure deployment (Automated deploy and build pipeline, with backup, rollback and disaster recovery capabilities)
  • Bistrack upload (Bespoke inventory an pricing upload functionality from existing Bistrack ERP)

Despite all of this functionality, the website is super fast scoring over 85% on the GT Metrix performance tests.