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Annies Burget Shack

Re-imagine its web presence to deliver a mouth-watering experience.

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Annie’s Burger shack is the premier Gourmet Burger restaurant in the Midlands, offering a mix of classic American burgers and sides with the ambiance of Rhode Island. When it launched it had developed a Wordpress website that had soon become unable to cope with the demands of the growing business.

Annie’s then searched for a digital agency that could re-imagine its web presence and make more of its unique events.

The Brief

Annie was very keen that the website for the business that carries her name should reflect the quality and ethos of the brand she had built.

At the same time as being fun and irreverent it was important for the website to demonstrate that Annie’s delivers the highest quality food.

The website should be very visual, provide the opportunity to highlight forthcoming events and deliver a mouth-watering experience.

From a technical perspective it should link with the Annie’s Burgershack bespoke CRM instance as well as its email marketing software and should all be managed through a central content management system.

Annies Mobile Outdoor


webdna spent two days in workshops with the team from Annie’s capturing and stack ranking the requirements for the its new website.

A very long list of potential functionality was whittled down to presentation of food menus, full events diary, photo galleries, video wall and table booking functionality which needed to be combined with industry-leading information architecture and design.

One major area of focus for the new Annie’s site was the events section.

Whilst Annie believed strongly that the events would be a big driver for business, they had not yet delivered the returns that the team had expected.

webdna identified this as an opportunity to drive more customers to Annie’s and differentiate the restaurant from all others in the region by providing bespoke events pages, landing page functionality and a calendar that provides the opportunity for visitors to see which events might interest them most.


webdna delivered a website built on Craft CMS that allows the Annie’s team to manage the whole website from an intuitive and easy to use system. The functionality that webdna focussed on was:

  • Improving the design and information architecture of the website
  • Increasing the prominence of the events and enabling the team at Annie’s to create hero banners and imagery to drive visitors to upcoming events
  • Link the website with the API for its CRM to collect visitor information including table bookings
  • Link the website with its eDM software to ensure GDPR compliance.


Since launch Annie’s has seen 32% growth in website traffic and during the same period a corresponding growth in revenue.

The new events diary had led to increased awareness and events being sold out, something that would have been almost unbelievable before the new site.


The Annie’s website is built using Craft CMS with the following interesting bespoke functionality or integrations added: • Responsive image technology (Speeding up loading by only serving the correct image for that device/size screen) [LazySizes]

  • Asynchronous Javascript loading (Improving page speed by asynchronously loading javascript that is required cutting down on render blocking) [Loadjs]
  • Google Maps API JS v3 (Used for mapping and locations)
  • Image optimisation (Increases speed by automatically stripping unnecessary data from image) [jpegoptim, optipng, svgo, gifsicle]
  • SASS (Modern CSS framework for robust front end development)
  • SVG (Image format for scalable images that work on any screen resolution and density)
  • Custom web fonts (Custom loaded webfonts ensuring users only have to download the once to improve speed, performance and visual aesthetics) [Font Face Observer]
  • Command-line build tools (For increasing performance and delivery command line build tools are used to improve images, CSS and JS for use on the site) [gulp]
  • webdna developed a bespoke integration with the Annie’s Custom CRM. This involved secure passing of user data between the website and CRM and delivering it into the right part of the CRM system without any developer documentation to refer to.