Braintree for Craft Commerce

A Braintree integration plugin for Craft Commerce which facilitates 3D Secure 2.0 payments. Compatible with leading digital wallets, it supports multiple payment currencies and offers subscription integration making it a popular choice for merchants.

Reduce friction at checkout with a seamless process.

A leading global payment gateway provider.

Supports subscription integration.

Owned by PayPal, Braintree is a global payment gateway leader. The webdna Braintree plugin offers seamless integration with Craft Commerce, enabling efficient online and in-app payment processing.

Braintree supports a wide range of payment methods making it convenient, accessible and a popular choice for merchants. It also integrates with many popular digital wallets including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. This versatility enhances the checkout experience for customers who prefer these convenient payment options. And, as an internationally recognised payment gateway, Braintree is designed to handle transactions in multiple currencies, facilitating global ecommerce operations and expanding business reach.

Other Key features:

  • It supports 3D Secure 2, an authentication protocol that adds an extra layer of security during online transactions.

  • For businesses requiring multiple merchant accounts, it offers the flexibility to handle and process payments across different accounts, simplifying financial management.

  • Braintree's vault securely stores payment information, protecting sensitive customer data and reducing the risk of data breaches, enhancing trust and confidence in the payment process.

  • Braintree offers a more customizable payment processing solution and supports additional payment options and subscription integration.

Braintree in practise:

Braintree is a great choice for clients who have plans to scale their business.

It’s more advanced than some providers with the functionality to set up billing plans or subscriptions. As a payment gateway, we’d probably place it in the same league as Stripe as, while it doesn’t have some of the more complex features, both are powerful global platforms.

What sets it apart from the smaller payment gateways is the fact that you can have multiple merchant accounts, so, if you’re planning on trading globally you can take payment and ensure that this goes into an account in the same currency.

Samuel Birch
Technical Director

Braintree is available for Craft CMS 4 and Craft Commerce 4 from the Craft Plugin Store.

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