DNA Reports

Build more specific reporting with the DNA Reports plugin including VAT, revenue, transactions, and inventory reports. Capable of supporting massive data sets, this plugin can improve your processes allowing you to run bespoke reports as often as you need to with just a few clicks.

Allows your developer to create the exact reporting that you need.

A cost-effective way of making your operations run smoothly.

User-friendly functionality, easy to access and simple to run.

DNA Reports is a plugin that has been specifically designed to make custom reporting easier. Get the data in the reporting style you need, directly from your Craft Content Management or Commerce system.

You can currently export CSV, XML, or JSON files using Craft. This plugin, however, allows for much more specific reporting to suit your business needs. Using DNA Reports you can easily create custom reporting for anything. Examples include a report on commerce transactions for quarterly VAT reports, or a report to identify all of the users that have purchased a particular product within a specific time frame.

webdna Reports user view

How does the webdna Reports plugin work?

In the not-too-distant future, we hope to release some standard out-of-the-box reports to meet the specific needs of our clients, so keep an eye on our social media channels for updates. In the meantime, your developer will still need to set your report up for you and this will depend very much on your individual business needs.

To break it down, what the DNA Reports plugin does is gives your developer a framework on which they can build the exact report that you need. It also has the functionality to omit or specify information. So, for example, rather than downloading a list of transactions for a given time period, there is a mechanism to identify when a refund has been made and this information can be excluded from the final report.

Once your developer has created your report type, it is yours to use and you can run it as many times as you need to. Simply log into your CMS and select from pre-defined fields such as user groups, tax code, discount level, delivery cost etc. Use the DNA Reports plugin to build VAT reports, customer activity reports, transaction reports and more.

Key features

  • Will support massive data sets for busy e-commerce sites without encountering timeout limits

  • Export data or view onscreen

  • More than just line items, view snapshot data on screen such as graphs or summary data

  • Allows for more efficient internal processes of reporting

Editing webdna reports

webdna Reports technical information

These report types are created as twig templates in the frontend templates folder allowing the website developer full control over the report types.

You will currently need a developer to build your reports but look out for future webdna plugin announcements. Right now we’re working on Road Map which will feature out-of-the-box reports to enable you to run some of the more common website and commerce reports with ease.

DNA Reports in action: A case study

Our client had a very specific reporting need which was dictated by existing legacy systems and past data.

For reporting purposes, they needed to group their information according to nominal code. In order to do this in the past, they had commissioned some custom functionality on their site. They now however wanted to move over to Craft 4 and further development time would have been needed to replicate the reporting on their new commerce site.

The DNA Reports plugin provided a fast and more cost-effective solution to their reporting needs, allowing them to extract data quickly and efficiently. They have a number of different reports that can be run at any time by multiple users across different functions of the business. This includes VAT reports, discount reports and wholesale user reports.

Samuel Birch
Technical Director

DNA Reports is available for Craft CMS 4 and Craft Commerce 4 from the Craft Plugin Store.

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