A refreshed brand and marketing strategy

A new high-quality website and digital marketing strategy to improve user experience and tell FA North's rich story.

+ 50%

increase in SEO health score


decrease in bounce rates


increase in website traffic from social media

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FA North are a Nottingham-based specialist joinery firm who have been manufacturing and supplying high-quality timber products for almost a century.

When FA North approached us they believed that their website wasn't truly reflecting the quality of their products and services. They also felt that their marketing strategy needed updating as it wasn't performing as well as they wanted. After a discovery meeting with them, we agreed that the best way forward would be to design a new website using Craft CMS that would guarantee a great customer experience and tell FA North's story in a more effective way.

We have worked with them to create a brand new website that is polished and contains fresh content to improve their SEO ranking and a digital marketing strategy to better engage current and potential customers in Nottingham.

Marketing Strategy

Why the discovery phase is crucial to webdna

Our discovery process helps us to develop a thorough idea of who our clients are and what they stand for. Establishing this understanding also allows us to identify their strengths and weaknesses and what areas will be our priority throughout our work with them.

During our research stage, we also assess our client's current site, their digital presence and pinpoint their main competitors. Essentially, we want to ensure that our final result really encompasses their culture, personality and professional expertise in the most effective way - our initial groundwork is extremely important in getting this right.

With FA North we quickly identified that their WordPress website simply wasn’t performing well enough for them. The user experience was relatively poor and the site was attracting few new customers. We performed a website audit of their original site which returned a reasonably low score and had over 450 errors.

Our first call to action was to solve technical fixes, rewrite top-level pages, review backlinks and update design and navigation. The aim was to improve overall performance and create a more user-friendly site designed to generate more leads.

Webdna have gone above and beyond to improve our website and digital presence, working hard to ensure our culture and personality is not lost in the process.

Pete Hextall
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The value of Marketing Strategy

Our main goal was to increase customer enquiries for FA North. They already used Google Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, so along with optimising their current campaigns we focused on the site's quality score to reduce their cost per click. And also improve their organic search results.

We created keyword-rich knowledge based blogs and client stories to promote the high quality of their work. As well as this we reviewed and improved the content on their site pages.

We also focused on longer tail location-based keywords. These not only make it easier to achieve good rankings, but they return a higher rate of conversions.

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Engaging Content

We used a professional and friendly voice to present difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Positioning FA North as a knowledgable brand that can be trusted. By adding more relevant and engaging content, we quickly reduced the site’s bounce rate by 45%. Users that visit the website are immediately presented with something appropriate to what they are searching for. So they are more likely to explore the site further and potentially make an enquiry.

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Creating the right platform to drive marketing

FA North felt that one of the main issues with their site was that it didn’t truly reflect the quality of the products and services they offered. We created a sleek new website using Craft CMS that was easy to use and displayed their products in the most impactful way.

Their WordPress site contained very little content and so we created bespoke copy and added additional high-quality images. We made these images easier to navigate and overall improved the customer journey.

Previously 97.1% of the traffic was new visitors with a high bounce rate. Indicating that people were not finding the information they needed or that the site wasn't clearly communicating FA North's offering. The new identity, clear images and great copy all helped visitors to quickly understand who FA North are and what they do. And the new navigation and customer journey helped people to quickly find the information they were looking for contributing to a 45% drop in bounce rates!

Importantly, we wanted to present FA North as an approachable and accommodating firm. We created an easy-to-use contact page and made the phone number more prominent at the bottom of every page, encouraging people to call and removing any barrier to people getting in touch.

These changes to the site proved extremely successful from the get-go, with FA North's SEO site health score in our auditing tools going from 61 to 92 as soon as the new site was launched.

A social presence that reflects the brand

FA North have a great story to tell, they have a rich history and a high level of expertise that is not common among their competitors. They regularly create beautiful products but historically they hadn't been sharing images of them. By implementing a simple process to share images we are now able to regularly post examples of their high-quality work to showcase their skills and expertise across social media.

We updated FA North’s existing Facebook page and implemented the new posting strategy. Which saw +200% increase in website traffic from Facebook in the same month.

We also created an Instagram page using FA North's redefined brand identity website to create a consistent digital profile. The new imagery and posting strategy page proved extremely effective - reaching 3397 people organically within the first few days. The page continues to achieve a high engagement rate, with multiple leads to the website every month and is one of the best-performing marketing channels for FA North.

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FA North's new identity better reflects its high-quality service and expertly crafted products they create. The marketing strategy is helping them reach new audiences and showcase their expertise.

Sophie Blaken
Marketing Director
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