Opayo for Craft Commerce

This plugin integrates Sagepay to process online payments on Craft Commerce sites while ensuring compliance with current Strong Customer Authentication requirements. It offers an improved user experience with a straightforward interface and encryption for added security.

Plugin for a reliable, industry-leading payment gateway.

Straightforward integration between Opayo and Craft 4.

Quick and fully encrypted transactions.

The webdna Opayo plugin for Craft 4 makes it easy to accept payment on your Craft Commerce site while at the same time ensuring compliance with current Strong Customer Authentication requirements.

The original 3D secure system, known as 3D1, was not widely adopted by all payment providers and was not designed for smartphones. To address this, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) introduced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) rules, which require higher levels of customer authentication through the 3D Secure 2 protocol (3DS2).

We began migrating its clients to 3DS2 and SCA compliance a while ago. The launch of Craft 4 presented an opportunity to develop a new plugin for integration with Opayo. To date, we have implemented the plugin across all of our clients’ sites and it has handled thousands of pounds worth of transactions.

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How does the webdna Opayo plugin work?

How does the webdna Opayo plugin work? Traditionally, developers had two options to integrate with Sage Pay: Sage Pay Form and Sage Pay Server. However, Sage Pay Form provided a subpar experience, with limited customisation and poor performance on mobile devices. The second option, Sage Pay Server, allowed direct integration within websites, and Craft developed a plugin to simplify the process. However, due to the enhanced security requirements of 3DS2 and SCA, these integrations became incompatible and so we created our own solution.

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Opayo in action:

Why do our customers like the Opayo plugin?

As well as offering strong customer authentication, the Opayo plugin is great for our Craft Commerce customers as it uses one system and control panel to take telephone, terminal, point of sale and online payments. It has the functionality to handle a variety of transactions, it is Quick, easy to instal, encrypted and compliant.

The webdna Opeyo plugin for Craft is quick to implement and gives users the reassurance of up-to-the-minute compliance making it the ideal payment gateway solution if you’re already using Opayo.

Samuel Birch
Technical Director

Opayo is available for Craft CMS 4 and Craft Commerce 4 from the Craft Plugin Store.

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