Jun 10, 2024 / Team

webdna welcomes Craft CMS Developer

Adam Henretty Developer

webdna welcomes our newest Craft CMS developer Adam Henretty to the team.

Our clients’ success is our success. We focus on their goals and work hard to turn their ambitions into reality. As we've continued to help our clients succeed we have continued to grow. This has been boosted by earning Craft Verified Partner status and becoming Craft Commerce Verified. And, the strong reputation we’ve built has also played a big part in it.

We’re also proud to say we have brilliant developers who handle complex projects and support other agencies with challenging functionality. Given all this, it’s clear why we needed to recruit another Craft CMS developer. After a successful search, we’re thrilled to welcome Adam Henretty to our growing team.

Adam has just about as much experience working with Craft as we do, developing and maintaining Craft CMS and Craft Commerce websites for 10 years. He has been employed as a web developer at two Craft CMS-specific development agencies. Most recently he worked for UK marketing agency, Scaramanga. Adam says he got into web development slightly later in life having previously worked for the Police, a lifestyle brand and for a parcel delivery company.

With his old career, Adam got to a point where he realised that he wasn’t enjoying the job he was doing. ‘I wanted a career that I would love and be proud of.’ he says, and so he started learning development independently. This is exactly the type of action that we value at webdna and so we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate that our paths have crossed!

webdna also felt like a great fit for Adam who is keen to continue his Craft CMS journey with an experienced team who can not only support him but help him to develop his skills. He’s already getting stuck in getting to know the team and their roles. And, while it’s still early days, he’s spent time getting to know our clients and their sites as well as even pushing a few changes to some existing sites.

And in his spare time? Adam, who lives in rural Leicestershire, keeps himself busy in a variety of ways but especially likes watching sports, playing golf and going to gigs. He also likes to take on the odd woodwork project making him a great addition to the team, some of whom would definitely benefit from a few pointers…

‘It’s great to have Adam join the webdna. He’s a self-starter and, although he already has plenty of experience under his belt, he’s keen to develop his expertise further. This makes him a good fit as he’ll be able to pick up work immediately, but the variety and complexity of the work we do means that he’ll always be able to satisfy that desire to keep earning. Welcome to the team Adam.’

Samuel Birch
Technical Director

We’re always on the lookout for the right people to join our team. If you think you’d be a great fit, keep an eye on our recruitment page.