Feb 27, 2024 /

Webdna at Craft CMS Notts Meetup

Craft CMS Notts

Want to know more about our new Craft CMS plugin? Join us at this month’s Craft CMS Notts Meetup.

With all the exciting Craft CMS 5 updates we’ve had recently, you may be forgiven for thinking that we’ve forgotten all about Craft 4. We can assure you that this most certainly isn’t the case. In fact, we’re launching a brand new plugin on Craft 4 (Craft 5 version coming soon) and we’ll be talking about it at the next Craft CMS Meetup on Thursday 29th of February.

There, we’ll be introducing our new Email Content Editor plugin for Craft CMS. This is a great solution for content managers, who want more control over the content in the system emails they send.

As it stands, if you have a website on Craft CMS 4 or a Craft Commerce site and you want to make any changes to your automated system messages - think order confirmations, email sign up notifications etc. - you currently need the help of a developer. While we’re not reinventing the wheel here, the Craft CMS Email Content Editor plugin is the perfect solution for authors who want to save themselves a bit of time and improve the efficiency of their current processes.

You also have a bit more control over the styling because essentially anything you can do in a Craft CMS entry, with the help of this plugin, you can now do with your system emails. This includes adding CTA buttons and formatting text. You can even set banners to run for a fixed time - great for campaigns or seasonal marketing messages that add a nice personal touch to your communications.

And, again through the brilliance of Craft CMS entries, you can preview your content as you go and make sure it’s optimised for different devices. You can even send yourself a test message. This might be particularly useful for troubleshooting and debugging because you’ll be able to locate the customer's order and send yourself the email so that you can see what they see and hopefully start problem-solving a little quicker.

Our Developer Mike Lowe will be exploring the nuances of this plugin in finer detail at the next Craft CMS Notts Meetup on Thursday night; but the key take away is that if you’re on Craft CMS 4 and you send emails from your site, everything could potentially be a little bit easier and more seamless with the Email Content Editor plug in.

With Craft 5 there has been a big focus on improving the authoring experience and the same can be said here. It’s great to see content managers getting a bit of TLC and the experience just gets better and better with each iteration.

If you’re a developer and you want to be in the know about the Email Content Editor Plugin for Craft CMS, make sure you head over to the Lace Market in Nottingham for the first Craft CMS Notts of 2024. Can’t make it and want to know more - the Email Content Editor is available now, find out more on our plugin page.