Jan 15, 2020 / Brand

Brand is more than your logo

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Brand is key to your business, your brand identity is the outward representation of who you are. To a lot of customers, it is as important as what you do. Get it right and it can really help you but get it wrong and it can cost you business.

Why do you need to understand your brand?

The intention of defining your brand through discovery sessions and workshops with us is to nail down what you need to help your brand develop and get its message out there in the clearest manner possible. By doing so, you gain insights into your brand and the perception of it, adding additional value to the work we'll do for you.

So the key to helping others understand your brand is to really understand it yourself. It seems simple, right? But if I asked you to tell me about your business in one sentence could you? Or would it be a paragraph or even a page? Attention spans are short and you need to communicate quickly who you are.

Helping you define your brand

When we're asked to help create a brand identity we don't do it in isolation. We work with you to understand your brand and to help you understand it too. Depending on how you work we'll tailor a session to suit you. It could be a series of calls or a full workshop, either way, we'll ask lots of questions to help really get to the essence of your brand.

We'll look at what your business does, both the obvious and the not so obvious. A high street greengrocer sells fruit and veg, right? But what else does it do? It might provide a friendly chat to a lonely person, deliver to your door, support local suppliers, have links to local traders or give excess products to those in need. All those elements start to build a picture of what the brand really stands for. We use all those additional bits of information to define your identity.

Beyond your walls

We'll look at your customers too, both the current ones and new markets that you could expand into. We'll look at what they are interested in and how best to position your brand for your audiences.

More than just a new logo

Our workshops are more than a discovery session for us to understand you. They help you and your teams align your thinking. Giving you fresh focus and clear goals. Discussing where you are now and how you do things as a team can lead to a greater understanding of what needs to be done. And what part everyone plays in achieving those goals. When clients leave our workshops they have a buzz, and are excited to bring their brand to life.

Once we've worked with you to define what your brand is, our expert team will translate that into an identity, and maybe a new logo if that's what you need. Giving you a look and feel that you can own and use to really drive your business forward.