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Plugins: And then there were eight

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New plugins at webdnalong

webdna is the new home of Kurious’ Craft CMS plugins

It was not so long ago that I posted about our new Opayo plugin and promised that we would soon be launching new webdna Craft CMS plugins into the Craft Plugin Store. At the time, I didn’t expect that my next post about plugins would be to announce that we have added seven more to the webdna stable.

I should probably clarify, we didn’t just write seven more plugins, test them and add them to the store on the same day. What actually happened is that after a chat with my old friend and former Kurious colleague Matt Edmundson, webdna has taken over all of the Kurious plugins as they were no longer able to support them. So webdna is now the home of:

  • Commerce Bundles

  • Commerce Currency Bundles

  • Commerce Bulk Pricing

  • Commerce Admin Orders

  • Braintree for Craft Commerce

  • QRCode, and

  • Barcode

These plugins are not new to me. In fact, I wrote all or most of all of them in my previous role, so I am quite pleased to be able to continue to develop them.

Commerce Bundles

webdna Plugin Commerce Bundles

Commerce Bundles will allow you to create a bundle which contains a combination of different products or create a single product which has multiple quantities.

With Commerce Bundles you can select a different quantity for each product in the bundle. You can also set an overall price for the bundle and you have the option to offer a promotion or discount. For example, buy three for the price of two.

As orders are completed, each product's stock is adjusted by the quantity which is specified in the bundle.

Commerce Currency Prices

webdna Plugin Commerce Currency Prices

Using the Commerce Currency Prices plugin gives you the option to set prices in a range of different currencies in Craft Commerce settings. This means that customers can purchase products or services in the same currency as their bank account or credit card.

Any additional currency fields you use will be added to products, discounts and shipping rules. The products display the relevant price for each currency field and the price in the cart will change to reflect whichever payment currency is selected.

Braintree for Craft Commerce

Providing a Braintree integration for Craft Commerce, this plugin facilitates payment helping to drive higher conversion. Braintree's drop-in UI is the default for getPaymentFromHTML() method.

It supports:

  • Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Play as well as 3D Secure 2.0.
  • Braintree's merchant accounts for multiple payment currencies
  • Subscription integration.
  • Braintree's vault for securely storing payment details.

Commerce Bulk Pricing

webdna Plugin Commerce Bulk Pricing

As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to set discounts for bulk quantities purchased. Craft Commerce Bulk Pricing is a Craft fieldtype which you can use to set product prices by user group, by quantity purchased or by both.

You can create a Bulk Pricing fieldtype, add column headers and define a range of relevant quantities that the customer must purchase in order to receive that specific price.

This plugin also gives you the option to specify if the prices set include tax as well as restricting the prices to certain user groups.

Commerce Admin Orders

webdna Plugin Commerce Admin Orders

Commerce Admin Orders is a plugin which lets you directly create new orders from within the control panel.

You can raise the order using guest checkout or choose an existing user and you can search for past customers by postcode.

This plugin also allows you to search for products and add them to the cart.

There are options to select shipping type and add a new address or select an existing customer address. You can also create a user account for guest checkouts.

In terms of updating orders, this plugin includes extra options for updating incomplete orders. This means that you can add or remove products, add a coupon code or update the quantity.


This plugin allows you to use a field type, variable or twig filter to generate a QR Code. It accepts the following parameters:

  • Data: the data for the code.
  • Size: the size in pixels (default: 300)


As with the QRCode plugin, the Barcode plugin lets you generate a barcode using a variable, fieldtype or twig filter. It accepts these parameters:

  • Code: Number or alphanumeric depending on the barcode type.

  • Type: See below for all accepted types. The default is EAN13.

  • Width factor: This set with width factor of the bars. The default is 2.

  • Height: The in pixels of the bars with a default of 30.

  • Colour: The hex value of the bars with #000000 as the default.

  • Format: This is svg or png with the default being svg.

Now that all of these plugins have arrived safely in our account, our first job will be to update them to be Craft 4 compatible, then it will be back to putting the finishing touches to some of the others that we have in development.

To see all our plugins take a look at our Craft CMS Store.

More to follow...