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Email marketing has arguably the best ROI of any marketing activity out there. Great email comms not only have the potential to increase sales they build trust, loyalty and engagement. They can also reduce manual processes with great automation that feels personal and saves you time. In short, if you are not using email marketing in your business you are missing out.

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Why should you outsource my email marketing to webdna?

We’re really good at it. Email marketing is very data-driven, and we proudly call ourselves geeks. We measure everything, test it, track it, iterate and run it again. The highly reliable data we get from email tracking allows us to continually improve the performance of your campaigns. And the relatively low cost of email allows us to quickly adjust a plan when we learn something valuable.

We not only track your campaign performance we track that of all our clients to collectively improve all of the emails we send. We send (and therefore track) millions of emails every year, to work out the best time to send an email for each client, industry and audience. So you benefit not only from what we learn from your emails but from everything we learn across our clients.

What email marketing can deliver for you?

Email marketing can achieve lots. But success looks different depending on your business and what you want to achieve. The first thing we’ll do is establish what your goals and objectives are. Some clients are interested in increasing sales, others need to keep people engaged as part of a journey and some will want to increase brand awareness. Establishing goals right away helps to set a benchmark to measure success.

Email strategy

Once we’ve established what you want to achieve we’ll work to devise a strategy that works for your audience. That could include increasing your email database, reviewing your editing comms, devising a schedule or a great set of automation that means your customer feels loved without you needing to constantly be on your emails. Every strategy will be different but they will all be created using our decades of marketing experience and your understanding of your audience and product.

Beautifully designed emails that deliver

We’ll design emails that reflect your brand and your ambitions. We know that well-designed emails capture a customer’s attention, so great design and content play a major part in email marketing at webdna. And, every email we create includes compelling subject lines, personalised email copy, and compelling calls to action.

As well as looking great, our emails are mobile-responsive to ensure a positive user experience across various devices. We also make sure that they’re optimised for delivery. That means we’re conscious of language links and designs that might trigger spam filters.

Quality assurance is also an important part of our process. Missing images, broken links, and faulty tracking can affect your email performance and damage your brand. So, every email is carefully checked and reviewed as part of our stringent QA process.

And it doesn’t stop after we click send. We’ll continually analyse and measure the performance of your emails, tracking open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates - any information we can get our hands on really. We then use this information to make your next campaign even more effective.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Email marketing is cost-effective especially when compared to some of the more traditional marketing channels such as print advertising. Because of this, it can give you a high return on investment (ROI).

It’s also easy to measure how you’re doing, with some very precise tracking. Measurements such as open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates are monitored and these insights help to inform and optimise future campaigns.

Email marketing is a brilliant way to build relationships with your customers because you can segment your subscriber lists based on demographics, interests or purchase history. You can then use this knowledge to personalise the emails you’re sending making them even more effective and impactful. This builds customer loyalty, increases repeat purchases and encourages long-term engagement.

Use automation to increase advocacy and reduce workload

Automated emails are emails that are triggered based on a set of criteria. That could be a customer action, inaction, a time since an event or any number of things. They could include welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, follow-up emails, and thank yous, the list is as long as the number of actions a person might perform on your site.

Great automated email journeys save you time and money as well as improving your customer’s experience. Once set up, they run on their own so your team can focus on more valuable activities. And, a well-designed automated email journey can also provide targeted and relevant information to customers, increasing customer satisfaction.

Automatisation should form part of your email strategy, and if they don’t you are missing out on a simple way to keep your customers engaged without the need for manual input.

If you would like some help, advice or just a chat about your email strategy, we can help. Get in touch.

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