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Case Study


webdna was contacted by our agency partners 2120 to provide on-going maintenance and development for their client Accesso. 2120 had outsourced the initial build of the Accesso website to a third party and were not pleased with the outcome. Its own in-house development team were not strong enough to take the project forward so it looked for a Craft CMS agency to turn the project round and deliver a site that works for Accesso, their largest client.

The Brief

The initial brief provided by 2120 was to review the set up of the new Accesso website, identify strengths and weaknesses of the current site and list where the site deviates from best practice, both in user experience and development. Using this list of areas for improvement we’d create a development backlog which could be prioritised to deliver the best possible return for 2120 and Accesso.

In addition to the functionality improvements needed, Accesso also wanted to link its website with its CRM (SalesForce) via its API.


The team at webdna reviewed the website and identified the areas of improvement required. These were split into functional reliability and speed, content management user experience and user experience of the site. This was done through a combination of review of the codebase, review of Google Analytics and user testing.

Before any new developments could take place webdna updated the security on the site, did all Craft CMS updates and implemented technologies to improve the speed and reliability of the server. Only once those changes had been made could any new developments be delivered.


The first deliverable from the work done by webdna was a stable, fast and fully functioning website for Accesso. This was demonstrated across improved Google Analytics data from the site.

The other main functionality improvements included:

  • Implementation of the Google Maps JS AP for local mapping
  • Addition of SVG image formatting to improve load times and user experience
  • Integration with SaleForce forms for data capture directly into Accesso’s CRM tagged according to the area of the site that the enquiry arrived from.


The project was delivered entirely in Craft CMS with the following integrations or functionalities used:

  • Google Maps API JS v3 (Used for mapping and locations)
  • SASS (Modern CSS framework for robust front end development)
  • SVG (Image format for scalable images that work on any screen resolution and density)
  • Command-line build tools (For increasing performance and delivery command line build tools are used to improve images, CSS and JS for use on the site) [Gulp]
  • Salesforce CRM Forms integration