Digital Marketing Services

Introduction to our Digital Marketing and 
Consultancy services

We’ve pulled together a list of everything we currently offer our digital marketing, strategy and consulting clients to help you in your thinking.

What we offer

We currently offer (but not limited to):

  • Digital Strategy, Implementation and consultancy
  • Marketing and Campaign Planning
  • SEO and PPC advice, implementation and management
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Social Media Marketing
  • Landing pages and web campaigns
  • Copywriting and collateral creation
  • Offline Press and Press Releases
  • Website Updates
  • Website UX and Design Updates
  • Website Re-design and Development
  • Digital Design
  • Offline Design (adverts, print etc)
  • Branding and Brand Development

You might need all of this, or more likely some of this. We’re happy to work with you to pull together the best solution for you and your business.

We can help you work out what skills or resources you might need, produce a roadmap and deliver it with you.

How it works

Whichever solution you chose you’ll have weekly calls with our Marketing Manager to run through the work done and set the priority for the coming weeks.

We would also have a call once a month with a wider team to report on progress, look through the analytics and plan for coming month.

The budget will dictate how much we get through each month and what we prioritise. But we have no long term contracts - usually we suggest a three month minimum so there is a sensible timeframe to be able to start achieving results. But after that we just go monthly rolling.

You can always start at a smaller budget and work up (which is what a number of our clients have done), or start bigger to break the back of a load of work in the first three months and then scale down (this approach tends to work when your business is seasonal and you want to plough through work in readiness for the business season.)

It’d be great to have a chat and see where you are with this so we can start to build a better idea of what you need, your budgets and how we can help you.

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